Light and more

Set the scene or change it with a simple move: turning the lights on and off is as straightforward as with a conventional switch. With a simple touch on the glass screen you switch it on or off. Thanks to scene technology in Comma Control System, preconfigured settings activate a series of functions and change the light setting of several lamps at the same time by just one single touch or handling.

Audio multisource & multiroom

Listen to your favorite radio station or playlist with Comma Control System. Whether you want to hear one and the same source throughout the house, or a variety of signals at different locations. Because the Comma Control System is multiroom and multisource. Therefore you can make it part of a scene and have the music follow your moves in and around the house. With your Apple AirPlay technology inside you simply stream your favourite song to your system. Uncompressed audio at absolute high-end level.

Comma Intelligent Control System - ControlOne en App Muziek NL

Video distribution

The Comma Control System distributes video everywhere you want to watch: from a single source to multiple televisions or multiple sources to various playout. Every room has individual choices when it comes to source and volume thanks to the user friendly one-Touch control. From a single source to a multisource/multiroom solution, Comma makes it happen.

See who’s at the frontdoor

Every Comma wallcontroller featured with a display in and around your house provides you with a clear visual of (all) entrance doors to your residence, allowing you to monitor callers or visitors requesting entrance and allowing them entry by remotely opening the (front) door. The CommaControl App on your iPhone® or iPad® provides clear communication with the access control system at the entrance, both inside the residence and outside, anywhere there is internet (WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G) access.

Control your world

Existing equipment easily integrates with the Comma Control System. Smoke and gas detectors, heating and ventilation systems, sun blinds and shades, curtains, shutters, electric door openers, alarm systems, jacuzzi, television or the existing audio system: thanks to a number of connectivity options, both functionality and information are directly part of the Comma Control System.

You can even manage the Comma system from within your car as it integrates through the Comma Carlink solution. You are in full control.

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Comma is a leading developer and manufacturer of intelligent control systems.

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